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Monday, April 26, 2010


YOU are what matters! As your representative I will work to promote tax cuts for businesses and individuals to give our state the economic growth it needs. Our property values keep getting lower but our taxes get higher. Being a taxpayer in Bourbon and Linn County I will strive to keep our property taxes low. Our state government is out of control in their spending; and there needs to be reform to ensure transparency and accountability. I will seek to alleviate intrusion of mandates and controls by the Federal Government upon our State.

I pushed for the 10th Amendment Sovereignty Act in Kansas and am proactive in the Kansas Health Care Freedom Act which will protect our rights from Federal Government mandates and controls. We are losing our rights and freedoms everyday and I am committed to turn that around and bring our country back to the traditional values of what our founding fathers had intended when they created the Constitution. What our government needs is YOUR CUP OF TEA. As State Representative I will make YOUR voices heard. I ask you to choose me to share that cup of tea and to show our government what they truly need.

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