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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

10th Amendment of the United States Constitution


• Taxpayer in Linn and Bourbon County
• Tea Party Organizer and supporter of our freedom and liberty
• Public service in health care, teaching and
volunteer work
• Life experience as an employee, manager, small business owner and parent
• Graduate of Baker University with a Bachelor of Business Administration And Master of Science in Management
• Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer
• Mother and Grandmother
• Communicator to individuals, organizations and to our current legislature.

Monday, April 26, 2010


Honor the Constitution and Enforce the Rule of Law
• Protect our 10th Amendment Rights
• Promote and improve e-verify system in Kansas
Promote Economic Growth
• Seek incentives to keep businesses in Kansas which will provide jobs and reduce unemployment
• Seek tax cuts which will allow individuals to save, spend and invest
more of their money they earn.
Eliminate Wasteful Spending
• Do away with unnecessary or wasteful state programs
• Limit the size of government
Balance the Budget
• Reform the budget to be accountable and transparent
Support Quality Public Education
• Ensure that educational tax dollars be spent on the educational needs of our children.
• Incorporate our constitution as part of the curriculum in our schools
Traditional Values
• Enact pro-life legislation and policies
• Advocate for protection of our family values.


• Tea Party Organizer 2009, 2010
• Tea Party Patriots
• Freedom Works Foundation
• National Rifle Association
• Sunflower Club
• National Federation of Republican Women as Capitol Alert Chairperson
• Beta Sigma Phi
• Community Volunteer
• St. Philip Neri Catholic Church


YOU are what matters! As your representative I will work to promote tax cuts for businesses and individuals to give our state the economic growth it needs. Our property values keep getting lower but our taxes get higher. Being a taxpayer in Bourbon and Linn County I will strive to keep our property taxes low. Our state government is out of control in their spending; and there needs to be reform to ensure transparency and accountability. I will seek to alleviate intrusion of mandates and controls by the Federal Government upon our State.

I pushed for the 10th Amendment Sovereignty Act in Kansas and am proactive in the Kansas Health Care Freedom Act which will protect our rights from Federal Government mandates and controls. We are losing our rights and freedoms everyday and I am committed to turn that around and bring our country back to the traditional values of what our founding fathers had intended when they created the Constitution. What our government needs is YOUR CUP OF TEA. As State Representative I will make YOUR voices heard. I ask you to choose me to share that cup of tea and to show our government what they truly need.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Meet Renee

Raised in Kansas I learned work ethics at an early age. Working part time after school was expected of me, and after graduation from high school I entered the workforce at SWB/AT&T. Working various jobs as an occupational employee and advancing to Project Manager I retired from AT&T in 2000. My husband Don and I raised two children and now we have four adorable grandchildren. We will celebrate our 40th Anniversary this year.

I earned my Bachelors of Business Administration and my Masters in Management from
Baker University. After retirement I attended SW Missouri Allied Health and earned my Registry in Diagnostic Medical Sonography where I worked in various hospitals and imaging centers. Don and I own a small business that has been in operation since 1979.

As taxpayer in Bourbon and Linn County I am concerned about where our tax dollars are going. I am very passionate about lowering the taxes and spending in our Federal and State Government. Please help me take our Country back to where “We The People” control our State and Federal Government by voting for me as your State Representative. Thank you for your support.